Our mission is to provide a safe, organized, competitive and fun environment for children to play tackle football in Los Angeles. We focus on teaching the basic fundamentals of football as well as the importance of being part of a team. Also, our conference (CCYAL) is recognized as one of the best youth football leagues in Central North Carolina. We have the best fields, safest age matrix, and the strictest age certification criteria in Central North Carolina.
​We are committed to instilling confidence, character, self-esteem, honesty, loyalty, humility, integrity, work ethic, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect, leadership and commitment in our children. We believe these values are important to their growth. Also, we will provide our youth with the necessary tools to be successful in their future endeavors. 
Additionally, we are entering our 1st season as a USA Football/Heads Up certified program. It’s mandatory that all of our coaches take & pass the tackle football course. We believe the USA Football philosophy will help make youth tackle football safer and more enjoyable.
We understand the critical role that academics play in the development of our student-athletes and we recognize the need to perform in the classroom as well as on the field. Therefore, when school starts our younger children will only practice 2 days a week, instead of 3, like most other teams. Our older teams will practice 3 days a week. Also, our children must maintain average grades as well as above average classroom behavior.
We are going to make a difference. Do you want to join our team?